Morocco Surf Guide

Morocco Surf Guide. Spots Agadir: Left hand wave which is close to the surf house and most of the time it is not busy. 11 Kilometers is a point break where you can improve your surf in low tide and high tide. The first Australian who surfed this place was the famous surfer Taj Burrow.

This beach is also long and sandy. If there is no surf you can make other kinds of sport there for example running and yoga. Or just relax in the sun and charge your batteries for the next surf session. Anchor pont: so It’s an amazing point break and famous all over the world.

In low tide with onshore wind you will find perfect conditions for barrels and big turns. You will also love it! With perfect conditions Anchor Point is a long right hand wave, which is one of the best waves in the world.

If you are lucky you will find the international pro surfers at this wave. Especially in the winter season it’s an amazing place for watching the pro’s. Anchor Point is the only spot where you can surf when there is big swell.

The Moroccan locals love this wave and you will find many of them in this place. But don’t worry they are nice people and you will have fun.

The Killer Point looks like Belles Beach in Australia. Because It’s a long way to paddle with strong current to get to the spot. But if you can arrive there the waves you will find are amazing right hand waves. The Killer Point reef break is powerful. You can surf it in big swell but also with small waves it’s nice place. At this spot you can surf in small swell.

Finally, It’s next to Anchor Point and a powerful right hand in low tide. Mysteries a reef break where you can try to make airs and turns, because it’s fast! It’s in all conditions perfect and if you are lucky you can have barrels. It’s not very crowded most of the time.

morocco surf guide

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morocco surf guide

The aim of this guide is to contribute to an overall view of surf in Morocco and to establish its importance in the Moroccan economy, and to promote Morocco as a surf destination. The Morocco Surf Guide also wishes to convey an environmental message, raising awareness of the preservation of our beaches and waves, through habits which promote a code of conduct that is environmentally responsible.


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